Selling your home can be a Herculean task. This is mostly due to the fact
that it involves a lot of tough decision making. These decisions range
from whether to get a Realtor (a real estate agent) or to go for a FSBO
(For Sale By Owner). There are many factors to consider before making a
decision here. This includes, who would be responsible for the
preparation of the documents? Are there any laws or obligations that I am
expected to comply with? Would I save money by going for a FSBO or
contact real estate companies? What are the determinants of home values?
What is the best method to sell house fast? How can I find a Realtor to
sell my house?

These questions may seem quite difficult but the interesting fact is that it
is relatively easy when it comes to selling real estates. Below are the top
ways to sell your real estate.

  • Do it yourself.
    If you are in a hurry to sell your home, and you have also decided to
    employ the services of a Realtor. Do not expect any magic from the
    Realtor to provide a potential buyer in the minimum time possible. You
    can help out by making some promotional efforts through the use of your
    social media accounts,
    informing families and friends, spreading the word
    in the neighborhood and at the workplace. This is due to the fact that you
    never can tell where the potential buyer would come from.


  • Proper pricing of the real estate.
    With the slow rate of growth in home sales coupled with a plunging rate
    of growth in home prices, selling your home at a good price may be a
    difficult task but not impossible. Statistics provided by the National
    Association of Realtor (NAR) shows that house prices are dropping at a
    significant rate. In other words, proper pricing of your real estate could go
    a long way in attracting potential buyers. Most real estates that have been
    on the market for far too long is due to the fact that a lot of these houses
    are being over priced. Take a cue from this and place a fair price on your
    real estate. This can be done by looking up the prices of similar real
    estates that are still on the market. You can make immediate sale by
    shedding off few thousand dollars on the sales price.


  • Employ the services of an inspector.
    One of the most important factors to consider in the process of selling
    your home is whether to employ the services of an inspector or otherwise.
    To be on the safer side, it is always better to get your real estate inspected
    and make adequate repairs (if any) on your own before putting the house
    up for sale. If the potential buyer notices a fault in your home, he or she
    may be tempted to force the price of the real estate down at a significant
    rate (using the fault as a tangible reason). And this foregone price will, at
    most times, be higher than the cost needed for the repair. This could lead
    to a major delay in the selling process and could also be frustrating
    especially if you are in a hurry to dispose off the real estate. Furthermore,
    the huge gap between attracting potential buyers and actually getting
    them to purchase the real estate is revealed.


  • Inclusion of high quality photos in your listing.
    The statistics provided by the N.A.R proves that 84% of potential buyers
    makes use of the internet to initiate their search for real estates. So,
    whether you decide to go for a FSBO or local real estate agents; you must
    make sure that the online listing is quite attractive. This can be done by
    making use of adequate number of pictures of your home or even
    providing a video tour. You may also consider employing the services of
    a professional photographer to capture the best features of the real estate
    and also to provide a high quality photo.


  • Do not personalize.
    Giving your home a standard appearance can go a long way in persuading
    the potential buyers. Personalizing your home while its up for sale would
    make it easy for potential buyers to imagine what it would be like to live
    in it,thereby making it less interesting. You should ensure that buyers are
    not given the clue of what the experience would be like. This can be
    achieved by giving the home a standard outlook as this would leave the
    them to guess the experience on their own.
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